Renovation of Water Storage Tanks, Structures & Reservoirs

Drinking water is one of life's absolute essentials. Finding sources of water, stocking it, ensuring its quality and its safe transport as it is distributed to the consumer, all demand the highest level of economic and environmental responsibility. The drinking water industry is up to the task. As the industry works to maintain and renovate drinking water storage containers and the pipeline and distribution network, it can rely on ERGELIT's tried and tested range of technically advanced Dry Mortars.

Pure, clear, healthy drinking water and responsibility towards the environment – these are the main reasons for renovating drinking water reservoirs.

ERGELIT dry mortar Kombina TT ensures a guarantee of constant protection from corrosion.

Drinking water is one of the most important essentials for life. A high level of technical skill is required for its protection and storage. Drinking water reservoirs which have been renovated with ERGELIT dry mortar Kombina TT offer this on-going protection.

Important points:

  • long life thanks to corrosion protection,
  • micro-biologically harmless coating,
  • freedom from pollution,
  • water resistance.

Choice of ERGELIT Dry mortars:

The Water reservoir can be renovation can be carried out with the following types of ERGELIT mortars ERGELIT-TT, TTw, TTb, TWM 10, TWM 40 or ERGELIT-KS 1. The choice of mortar depends on the type of reservoir or area of application.


  • Concrete and Metal-concrete reservoirs
  • Brickwork structures
  • Steel reservoirs

The coating –either grey or white- will be chosen as appropriate to the different types of container: for example steel tanks, brick-work, concrete and reinforced concrete tanks.

ERGELIT dry mortar Kombina TT is pollution free, economical, environmentally friendly and easy to use, both for the first coating and for renovation = Another reason to contact our technical advisors...!

A clean bill of health - and with a long life span due to ERGELIT dry mortar Kombina TT.


Sandblasted Surface
Wet sprayed surface
Smoothened surface
Brushed surface

ERGELIT Coating-Process





 ERGELIT can be applied by hand or automatically