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We set great store by our vision, which is to develop a successful relationship with every customer. Hermes Technology was founded in 1987. Today the Company operates worldwide and has developed many technologies to provide quality and safer sewer lines. Rainer Hermes (the Chairman of Hermes Technology) worked with the dry mortar manufacturer ERGELIT to develop the first sewer rehabilitation mortars Ergelit-KS1 & Ergelit-KS2 in 1982. Subsequently, many other special sewer materials were invented and developed. Similarly, in 1982 the Hermes and ERGELIT team developed a groundbreaking system for manhole frame repairs using Ergelit-superfix. Today our product range covers almost every area of sewer repair and renovation. What distinguishes us is our commitment to quality and to continuous development, combined with the determination to give our clients complete satisfaction.

One of our key roles is to participate in all pioneering technology expert committees like for example the UKSTT and ISTT as well as GSTTDWA, VSB and DIN. The Company has a great pool of talents - engineers, technicians and business economists. Most of our  technical staff have acquired additional qualifications such as "Certified sewer rehabilitation consultant" (ZKS), qualifications for protecting, repairing, joining and reinforcing of concrete structures (SIVV), or are certified experts for land drainage.



Germany (Headquarter)

HERMES Technologie GmbH & Co KG
Bürenbrucher Weg 1a D
58239 Schwerte
Telefon +49 - 2304 - 97 123-0
Mobiltelefon +49 172 - 231 09 03
Fax +49 - 2304 - 97 12345
eMail: office@hermes-technologie.de

Czech republic

Na Grosi 1344/ 5a
CZ- 10200 Praha 10
Tel.: +420 271 750 685
Fax.:+420 271 751 346
eMail: hermes@hermes-technologie.cz


HERMES Technologie SARL
ZAC de Royallieu 17
Rue du Four St-Jaques
F-60200 Compiègne
Tel.: 0033/3/44970222
Fax.: 0033/3/44970932
eMail: bureau@hermes-technologie.com


HERMES Technologie GmbH
Gewerbepark Ost 7
A-4846 Redlham
Telefon +43 76 73 23 20-0
Fax +43 76 73 23 203
eMail: info@hermes-technologie.at

United Kingdom

HERMES Technologie Ltd.
7-9 Wellington Square
Hastings, East Sussex, TN 34 1PD
Phone: +44 790 89 62 521
eMail: office@hermes-technologie.com