Injection mortars

Injection mortar has a soft to runny consistency. It is used when repairing lateral connections by robot, for later sealing of leaking sections, especially in water conservancy areas, injecting cracks, and stabilising the soil in new-build situations. Even quite large leaks can be sealed off with injection mortar, even in the presence of flowing groundwater. Thanks to cement injection technology, large quantities of mortar can be handled in a very short time. In this way large cavities can be filled so as to take a static load. Grain-size (always < 0.5mm) can be determined according to the individual situation. 



One-component mortar, with organic and inorganic additives

  • granular powder
  • size of particles <= 0,5 mm
  • consistency: liquid to plastic

Technical info

  • thixothropic
  • colloidal properties 
  • does not shrink 
  • excellent adhesive characteristics
  • waterproof
  • pipe back in service within 3 hours 
  • resistant to elements which are present in household waste water

Areas of Application

  • for filling holes and gaps when renovating pipes and drains
  • for filling the gap between the old and new pipes during relining
  • for pressure-injection of gaps
  • as an injection-mortar against water ingress, inc. under pressure
  • useful in drinking water areas