HERMES Technologie now UK distributor for Quick-Lock

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The well-known Quick-Lock system is the newest addition to our UK range

Quick-Lock distributed by HERMES Technologie in the UK

HERMES Technologie is delighted to announce it has been appointed as UK ditributor for the Quick-Lock range, the long-established system for the seamless internal localised repair of pipelines. The combination of V4A stainless steel sleeve and EPDM compression seal guarantees a perfect repair, stopping all water ingress where a pipe is leaking, or sealing the end of a CIPP liner to the host pipe.

The simple system can be installed by hand, or remotely using a packer and camera. There are no chemicals involved. The static strength of the old pipe is fully restored, and the system delivers pressure rinsing resistance according to DIN 19 523, which specifies 60 flushing sequences at 110 bars on the nozzle, followed by a leak-tightness check. So, Quick-Lock fulfils the same requirements as a newly installed pipe system. It is the only partial rehabilitation system to give double static reliability for old pipe condition II, based on hydrostatic pressure of 5 m water column. Investment in system technology is low.

Naturally, the fittings are of the highest quality, have been rigorously tested and conform to the highest worldwide standards. The DIBt approval governs quality assurance of all components, which are further tested twice a year by the Darmstadt materials testing centre.

For many years, the Quick-Lock system has been used throughout the world for high quality, sustainable closed canal rehabilitation. The combination of the superb Quick-Lock system and the service provided by HERMES Technologie is the client's guarantee of satisfaction.

For further information, Mr. Graham Howard from HERMES Technologie can be contacted on +44 7908 962 521!