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The HERMES Team has the hit of the show at IFAT

A spotlight from some years ago :

Touchscreen M-COATING attracts huge interest in Munich

Every client insists on an operational record, as laid down by the professional bodies. The operator should record when cleaning started, how long it lasted, the start and finish of the coating process and how much ERGELIT mortar was needed per shaft.

Good technicians aren't always good at record-keeping, which can lead to friction with their employers or with the clients. The back-office staff may have the latest computers and programmes, but on the worksite...? How many jobs involving concrete or mortar use CNC controlled equipment? Yet we use highly intelligent automated equipment in sewer rehabilitation. The arrival of the M-COATING process on the pipe coating scene was a revolution as far back as 1998.

The next step, Touchscreen M-COATING, was unveiled in Munich at IFAT 2012

Now all operations on the worksite can be set up and controlled automatically with the aid of special programs.

This refinement using Touchscreen with integrated SmartWire facilitates setting up and operating the process, monitoring, plotting and keeping a log. Data are stored on an SD card and can be uploaded to a USB flash drive.

The conventional control panel is replaced by a robust touch-screen that automatically controls all processes via a computer running Windows C. SmartWire in conjunction with 'intelligent' electronics and switches makes an easy operation even easier.


  • all components graphically displayed
  • highly reliable intuitive operation
  • fail-safe
  • early detection of motor wear
  • M-COATING operator's manual, QA handbook, connection diagrams and operating instructions clearly laid out
  • risks reduced thanks to safety features built in to the control system
  • operational safety for staff, equipment and the environment

No problems with language - one simply selects the preferred language from the menu.

It is possible to record, calculate and store cleaning pressure and cleaning time and quantity of grout per shaft, correlated with the number of each shaft, which means cleaning and coating process optimization with simultaneous monitoring of all electrical components.

Electrical equipment can sometimes fail. Touchscreen M-COATING's comprehensive error diagnostic system displays any errors on screen. Faults are analysed during routine maintenance, since the system forgets nothing. If there is no operating manual on site, no problem - Touchscreen M-COATING has every document stored as a pdf for the operator to consult. Every client gets a detailed record of cleaning and coating times, depth of shaft and mortar consumption for each shaft.

Touchscreen M-COATING's numerous facilities were demonstrated to the professionals at IFAT. It was clear from their reactions that they had been waiting for just such a development. The decision to use this system is now up to the sewer rehabilitation companies, whose operators also have the option of controlling the M-COATING system using their iPhone.

In the end, the only thing that isn't automated is how to get the bags of ERGELIT from the lorry to the mixer on the M-COATING trailer, without an operator. It was one of the professionals visiting the IFAT show who posed this problem, and the HERMES team will be working on it in their on-going development programme. After all, when M-COATING was first developed in 1998, the present-day level of automation would have been pure fantasy. We'll have to consider whether sewer renovation in the future can be operated from the comfort of an office chair.

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