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A specially designed TSSR for taff conditions...

TSSR-EX shaft cleaner now equipped with compressed air drive


The tried-and-tested TSSR shaft cleaning array can now be used in hazardous areas where there is risk of explosion. Whereas the TSSR had previously been powered by a 24 volt motor, the latest development from the firm of HERMES Technologie has been to equip it with a compressed air motor. Moreover, this very easily installed cleaning array is constructed entirely of stainless steel and aluminium, and has thus been awarded ATEX certification.

The impetus for this development came from our most recent M-Coating client. The client had contracts for which he was only allowed to use explosion-protected equipment when cleaning shafts. The new TSSR-EX meets these requirements. It is also rpm-controlled and is steplessly adjustable to the diameter of the shaft.

The TSSR is normally supplied with 24 litres of water per sec at approx 400 bar pressure. Its high cleaning power was verified years ago at the Institute for Pipeline Construction (IRO- University Oldenburg).

Thanks to its explosion-protected technology, it is the only shaft cleaning equipment that can be immediately put into operation in the shaft, with very little preparation.  This represents an enormous cost benefit to the job. The TSSR is both a component of the M-Coating system and an important element when cleaning shafts in preparation for an inspection, e.g. with the IBAK panoramic camera. When inspecting shafts, too, it is important that all corroded material be cleaned off before the TV survey of the substrate. Otherwise, subsequent evaluation of the photographic images is of only limited significance. How is the engineer back in the office supposed to tell whether the surface is sound or corroded, under a layer of sludge? Even low-level infiltration is difficult to spot where the surface is dirty.

Only with the TSSR is it possible to clean shafts while complying with accident prevention regulations. With this system, the operator stands outside the shaft and only has to monitor and supervise progress. He does not have to climb into the shaft with a hand-lance and clean the shaft while disregarding safety precautions.

The undeniable advantages of the TSSR led to the M-Coating client actually being awarded the contract for shaft cleaning in a refinery.

With this latest development, the TSSR has once again extended its area of application.