Manhole rehabilitation

M-Coating is a innovative renovation technique for both round and rectangular manhole shafts from 500mm to 1200mm. It is based on over 15 years of the Hermes company’s experience. »more

ERGELIT Pipe relining

Pipe renovation using ERGELIT dry mortar is the urban developer’s economical, high quality alternative to complete replacement of a conduit. »more


In addition to the usual hand tools, wet spraying requires a grout pump, grout- and air- hoses, a spray head, a compressor and a mixing system suitable for making up sprayable grout. Get started, and apply the mortar more effectively! »more

Injecting ERGELIT-grout

Leaking pipe-joints, water infiltration, cracks, fractures and holes. »more

Bricklaying and jointing

Durability ensured with ERGELIT-SBM for brick structures. »more

Pipe invert rennovation

It is a routine part of drain system maintenance nowadays to carry out TV surveys at regular intervals. More and more instances of damage to pipes come to light, especially affecting inverts. »more

Grouting and Relining

ERGELIT-IV highly flowable for effective relining. »more

Fixing ceramic tiles

Laying tiles with ERGELIT-grout. »more