Wet Spraying with ERGELIT

In addition to the usual hand tools, wet spraying requires a grout pump, grout- and air- hoses, a spray head, a compressor and a mixing system suitable for making up sprayable grout.

The ERGELIT is mixed on site using a power mixer to combine the appropriate amounts of water and additives as indicated in the technical sheets, into a smooth grout of a plastic consistency.

The ERGELIT grout thus mixed is supplied via a worm pump linked to a high pressure grouting hose to a spray head operated by compressed air.

Depending on the final thickness of coating required, the procedure described above is repeated in several passes (applying each coat while the previous coat is still wet, if possible), with the maximum spray thickness of fresh grout never exceeding 5 to 10mm per coat.
The processing time for the fresh grout ranges from 30 to 90 minutes, with the amount of water required depending on the type of grout used.

A maximum of one day, and a minimum of 30 minutes (contact our experts for advice), should elapse between coats, though the surface of the last coat must always be sufficiently damp to be shiny.