Time-saving-mortar for Manhole Frame regulation

The Problem:

Due to heavy traffic or because of past mistakes in construction and the use of incorrect materials, manhole covers can collapse, causing serious problems. In this way they become a source of danger to traffic.

Your Solution:

HERMES TECHNOLOGIE has developed an easily applied system which includes special materials and equipment for an efficient, rapid and durable repair.

Rock-solid high quality grout - Easy to apply

ERGELIT dry mortars are ready-to-use, high quality speciality mortars, some with synthetic additives. They are produced under constant quality control, from top grade reliable cements with carefully selected additives which are rigorously tested, environmentally friendly and frost-resistant.

ERGELIT-Grouting mortars are shrinkage free, self levelling, with very good compressive, tensile and adhesive strengths, and some with unusually high initial strength. A whole range of granular grades and compositions and the many years of ERGELIT experience guarantee you an economic, effective and long-lasting solution to your problems. ERGELIT grouts' high flowability and low dependence on temperature mean trouble-free grouting in virtually any weather conditions, both in summer and in winter. ERGELIT dry mortars offer constant volume, oil resistance and a high level of corrosion protection, and can withstand impact and vibration. They are free of chlorides and are also extremely resistant to frost and to road salt.

                        An effective and economical answer to your problems.