MSK liquid bitumen


MSK liquid asphalt is an emulsion-based asphalt mix, i.e. an emulsifier turns the latex binding agent into an emulsion so that it can then be worked cold.

The emulsion, being substantially responsible for the reaction in the mix and hence for its workability, is specifically designed for the job – in this case, working by hand. It is best to use it on asphalt surfaces and should be worked at a temperature of between +8° C and +30° C. Once it has cured, MSK liquid asphalt is the equivalent of any of the customary asphalts.

MSK cold grouting bitumen


MSK cold bitumen is a recently developed bituminous grout for small jobs. Simply mix together the two components “A” and “B” , and the grout is ready to use.
Its advantage is that small quantities can be processed economically and quickly, with low labour costs. Experts have verified that MSK cold bitumen gives comparable results to those of conventional hot bitumen. It can be laid down successfully from 0° C.

A coloured range of MSK liquid asphalt “COLOR” is also available. Only red is kept in stock, but green, grey and yellow can be delivered on request.