ERGELIT-OED Surface protection for the environment ERGELIT

ERGELIT-OED 35 is used for coating holding tanks and surfaces corrodedby light petroleum products or grease.

Characteristics of ERGELIT-OED:

  • Oil-proof
  • Vapour permeable
  • Resists temperatures up to 100° C
  • High compressive, abrasive and tensilebond strength

ERGELIT-OED 35 is a cement mortar ideal for the fully comprehensiverehabilitation and repair of every type of concrete surface. Even pipesand holding tanks damaged by boiling, oily liquids or surfaces that take lorrytraffi c pose no problem for ERGELIT-OED.

Such surfaces damaged by mineral oils in purifi cation plants, separators,refi neries, oil transfer stations or catch basins in transformer substations canbe quickly and permanently recoated exactly where required, to comply withpollution control regulations.

How to apply ERGELIT-OED:

Coating by hand
Wet spraying
Centrifugal spraying (M-Coating)

Where to use ERGELIT-OED:

ERGELIT-OED Processing handling application

Coating tanks, pipes or surfaces pollutedwith light petroleum products,oils or grease, e.g:

  • Airports
  • Refineries
  • Purification plants
  • Separators
  • Oil transfer stations
  • Surfaces affected by HGV traffic
Surface coating with ERGELIT-OED
Surface coating with ERGELIT-OED

Tested for safety by:

  • Klockner Institute
  • Technical University, Silesia
  • KIWA (Germany) Polymer Institute, to DIN EN 858-1 and DIN-EN 1825-1

For more details or for training courses in using ERGELIT mortars, please callHERMES Technologie.