The ERGELIT tape – a safe protection for steel, cast iron, cement and plastic pipes!

No more leaks below ground. Countless pipework systems made of steel, cast iron, cement or synthetic materials run through the ground beneath our feet. They ensure water supply and waste disposal for residential and commercial properties. It is therefore in all our interests that these pipes should be durably protected.  

ERGELIT-Tape or mortar tape is a tried and tested system for protecting pipes and connections on installation or when they are renovated or repaired. It offers the greatest economy at the same time as great reliability.

Areas of Application:

  • as mechanical protection for fibre-cement jacket pipes, elbows,branches, reducers and welds.
  • in conjunction with ERGELIT-DS, as corrosion protection for steel or cast-iron pipes in wet conditions e.g. fountains, valve chambers, water containers, pipeline bridges etc.


The section of pipe to be wrapped must be accessible all round. Have enough ERGELIT tapes to hand for the job and place the bucket of water close to the pipe that is to be treated. The pipe should be about 20 cm clear of the ground,or at least have enough clearance for the diameter of the roll of ERGELIT tape. No further preparation is required.